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2018 ASGE GI Operations Benchmarking Databook
GI Operations Benchmarking Survey Databook
Benchmarking is a significant component all practices can utilize. Being able to compare these key financial and operational metrics is invaluable for assisting the GI team plan and determine target areas for improvement and enhanced performance. ASGE understands the importance of this information and has produced a new Databook based on our recent GI Operations Benchmarking Survey.

Over 65 GI units in every setting in every region of the United States representing 591 gastroenterologists that collectively performed 593,150 procedures on 503,753 patients participated in the 2018 GI Operations Benchmarking Survey. Units were able to benchmark their 2017 operational and financial performance against like GI units on over 100 metrics.

Available as a PDF, the Databook offers you the opportunity to analyze the GI Operations Benchmarking Survey data in an easy-to-read format that contains over 125 performance metrics and trends.

Key Features
Expanded analysis. 30+ pages of written analysis, charts, trends, and more detailing the following:

• Demographics
• Endoscopic Unit Characteristics
• Clinical Labor
• Patient and Procedure Volume
• Revenue and Expenses
• Ancillary Services
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: Member: $295.00
Non-Member: $395.00
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No Credit Offered
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