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ASGE Listening Session: UnitedHealthcare Advance Notification Program | June 2023
Release Date: June 2023
Viewing Time:
1 hour

On June 1, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) launched a Gastroenterology Endoscopy Advance Notification Program. The program, for which physician participation is optional, follows months of ASGE advocacy to kill a prior authorization program after UHC refused to share data from within its own system that showed inappropriate use and geographic variation of endoscopy services.

UHC has stated it will use data collected through the Advance Notification process to accelerate gold carding for eligible physician groups in early 2024.” UHC has not presented a specific timeline for implementation of its Gold Card program except to say it will be launched in early 2024” and has not shared any information about the criteria by which gastroenterologists and other physicians who perform endoscopy services will be evaluated for gold carding eligibility. During a monthly meeting with medical association stakeholders, UHC representatives stated their expectation that approximately 10 percent of physicians would be eligible for endoscopy gold carding.

Release Date: June 2023
Viewing Time: 1 hour
Learning Objective
During the listening session, lead discussants will address key issues regarding UHC’s Gastroenterology Endoscopy Advance Notification Program and provide practice perspectives on participation.
Moderators and Faculty