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Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG): Roadmap to Gastroenterology | March 2023
Release Date: March 2023
Viewing Time:
1 hour
This is the recording from a webinar that took place on March 29, 2023.

Interested in a career in gastroenterology? Join us for an interactive discussion.
Medical Students: Join members of the ASGE Diversity and Inclusion Committee representing gastroenterologists from across the country in a discussion on how to become a competitive candidate for a GI fellowship.

This webinar is supported by the ASGE Diverstiy and Inclusion and Membership Engagement Committees.

Release Date: March 2023
Viewing Time: 1 hour
Learning Objectives
  • Hear GI physicians' experiences on applying for GI fellowships and navigating the competitive application processs.
  • Learn pearls and lessons learned to best position yourself to successfully match in GI.
Moderator and Panelists


Iman Boston, M.D. 

Iman Boston, MD, MBA

Third Year GI Fellow, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences



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Dimpal Bhakta, MD

Advanced Endoscopist, Kaiser Permanente

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Mohammad Bilal, MD

Advanced Endoscopist, Minneapolis VA Medical Center

  Earl Campbell III, M.D. - Gastroenterologist & Advanced Interventional  Endoscopist - Therapeutic GI | LinkedIn





Earl Campbell III, MD
Advanced Endoscopist, Therapeutic GI Endoscopy & Associates




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Richard McLean I, MD

Advanced Endoscopy Fellow, University of Southern California

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Kenneth Obi, MD

General Gastroenterologist, Rome Gastroenterology & Associates

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Shani Woolard, MD

General Gastroenterologist, Emory Healthcare

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