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Prediction, Prevention and Management of Bleeding during Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreaticography (OLV013) | 2019 Honorable Mention AV Award
Released:  April 2019
Viewing Time:  30 minutes
Course Description
Bleeding is one of the most common complications of ERCP occurring in 0.3 to 2% cases of ERCP. Endoscopic assessment can be performed during or immediately after ERCP and hence provides an opportunity to treat ongoing bleeds. The Boezzart Scale, as explained in the video, can be used to grade the severity of the bleed. This grading can further guide the choice of therapeutic interventions. Visibility in the periampullary area is essential in precise endoscopic therapy. The field of vision and methods of its improvement are also discussed with a few case illustrations. The main focus of the video is endoscopic management of Post ERCP Bleeds.

24 cases of ERCP related bleeds are discussed in the videos with bleed assessment and subsequent endoscopic therapies.

Clinical Implications: This video would enable the endoscopists to understand the fundamental basics of ERCP related bleeds and their management. Adaption of the algorithmic approach would result in a significant reduction of morbidity and mortality associated with post ERCP bleeds.
Learning Objectives
  1. To predict and prevent bleeding during ERCP
  2. To assess the severity of bleeding during ERCP
  3. To manage the bleeding during ERCP
Primary Authors
Malay Sharma

Secondary Authors
Raghav Bansal
Piyush Somani
Rahul Talele
Naveen Mat
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