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The Best of ASGE Endoscopy from DDW (On-Demand) | June 2021
Release Date: June 2021
Viewing Time:
16 hours
Every year, ASGE provides outstanding sessions in fundamental and advanced endoscopy, bariatric endoscopy therapy and much more during DDW. ASGE shares the latest research, clinical guidance and professional insights that will no doubt advance the field and our profession. In the current era, even with virtual programming, not everyone can attend nor can we cover the full spectrum of topics due to logistical and time constraints. For those unable to attend this year’s 2021 virtual conference or who wish to learn more from ASGE beyond those sessions covered in May, here is your opportunity to participate in extensions of recent programming and more. The 6th Annual Association for Bariatric Endoscopy Course: Endoscopic Bariatric Therapies in Your Practice: 2021 And Beyond will also be part of the agenda. We will have international faculty, designed to educate the practitioner as to the myriad of options available to treat patients who suffer from obesity and its associated comorbidities. The program will also educate attendees on innovative endoscopic and surgical techniques to manage complications that occur as a result of bariatric surgery.

Are you a current GI Fellow? Don’t miss out on the Endo-Hangout session and Fellows micro-mentoring sessions on Saturday morning. This live program, coming to you as a member benefit of ASGE, will highlight other important scientific and clinical advances in endoscopy. Developed and presented by nationally and internationally known clinicians and endoscopists, this program provides synthesized updates on key research as well as important clinical information that extends beyond what was presented during the meeting. The program has extensive opportunity to engage GI and Advanced Endoscopy Fellows.
Learning Objectives
  • Recognize techniques used for endoluminal weight loss and metabolic therapies
  • Understand how to manage complications of bariatric surgery
  • List a key clinical feature and technique that is applicable to endoscopic practice from presented video-cases of the 2021 World Cup Video Awardees
  • Evaluate key attributes of managing GI Fellowship training (e.g. clinical and non-clinical), including critical transition decisions into the best practice setting to meet your individual career goals.
  • List applicable gastrointestinal disorders where video capsule endoscopy (VCE) use in mucosal lesions is generally not detected with traditional endoscopy or abdominal sonography.
  • Compare and contrast various presented endoscopic research presentations and their application to current and/or existing endoscopic clinical practice.
Course Directors and Faculty
Course Director
Bret T. Petersen, MD, MASGE

Deborah Bowman, MFA, ELS
Stephanie Kinnan, MLA
Ashley Faulx, MD, FASGE
Jason Dominitz, MD, FASGE
Ahmad Bazarbashi, MD
Daniel Ellis, MD
Marvin Ryou, MD
Janak Shah, MD, FASGE
Richard C. Wong, MD, FASGE
Gerard Isenberg, MD, MBA, FASGE
Klaus Mergener, MD, PhD, MBA, FASGE
Douglas K. Rex, MD, MASGE
Mohammed Saadi, MD
Mohammad Bilal, MD
Jennifer Jorgensen, MD, FASGE
Delia Calo, MD
Douglas G. Adler, MD, FASGE
Jennifer Maranki, MD, FASGE
Ketan G. Rana, MD
Colleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, MASGE
Vaishali Patel, MD
Kathryn R. Byrne, MD
Lisa Cassani, MD, FASGE
Zubair A. Malik, MD
Steve A. Keilin, MD, FASGE
Julie Yang, MD, FASGE
Zubair A. Malik, MD
Bo Shen, MD, FASGE
Vanessa M. Shami, MD, FASGE
Vani Konda, MD, FASGE
Uzma Siddiqui, MD, FASGE
Amir Rumman, MD
Daniel Strand, MD, FASGE
Michael Chiorean, MD, FASGE
Raj Shah, MD, FASGE
Jeff Easler, MD, FASGE

ABE Course Directors
Vivek Kumbhari, MD, PhD
Rahul Pannala, MD
Aurora Pryor, MD

ABE Faculty
Shelby A. Sullivan, MD, FASGE
Rakesh Kalapala, MD, DNB
Andres Acosta, MD, PhD
Barham Abu Dayyeh, MD, FASGE
Reem Sharaiha, MD MSc
Christopher Thompson, MD, MHES, MSc, FASGE
Vincent Huberty, MD
Steven Shamah, MD
Pichamol Jirapinyo, MD, FASGE
Erik Wilson, MD
Eduardo de Moura, MD, PhD, FASGE
Allison Schulman, MD, MPH
Manoel Galvao Neto, MD, FASGE
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Availability: On-Demand
Expires on Jun 15, 2024
Cost: Member: $0.00
Non-Member: $99.00
Credit Offered:
16 CME Credits
16 Participation Credits
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