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Endo Hangout for GI Fellows: Luminal EUS | January 2021
Release Date: December 4, 2020
Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Calling all GI Fellows! Come hang out with leaders in the endoscopy field Gregory A. Cote, MD, MS, FASGE, Ashley L. Faulx, MD, FASGE, and Vanessa Shami, MD, FASGE along with ASGE Secretary-elect, Amitabh Chak, MD, FASGE as they lead the next interactive webinar in Luminal EUS.  

EUS is a minimally invasive endoscopic modality that allows the acquisition of real-time, high-resolution images of luminal and extraluminal structures. EUS has become integral to the diagnosis and staging of GI and mediastinal mass lesions and conditions. This Endo Hangout session will consist of Luminal cases including esophageal, gastric and pancreatic. The incoming questions will be facilitated by our two fellows, Paula Adamson, MD and Jordan Orr, MD.  We look forward to your participation!

The recording of this webinar will be added by January 8, 2021.

Released: January 2021
Viewing Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Amitabh Chak, MD, FASGE
University Hospitals Medical Group
Cleveland, OH

Gregory A. Cote, MD, MS, FASGE
Medical University of South Carolina

Ashley L. Faulx, MD, FASGE
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Vanessa M. Shami, MD, FASGE
University of Virginia Health System

Paula Adamson, MD
Morehouse School of Medicine

Jordan Orr, MD
Vanderbilt Gastroenterology
Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the diagnostic and therapeutic role of the EUS procedure
  2. Understand how EUS can be used to diagnose conditions of the esophagus, stomach, and pancreas
  3. Understand the role of EUS for patients with cancer
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: FREE
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered
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