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ASGE 2023 Masterclass EUS: Principles, Best Practices & Innovative Paradigms (On-Demand) | February 2023
Release Date: March 2023
Viewing Time:
6 hours
Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) has transformed the endoscopy field in significant ways in the past three decades. EUS is intellectually stimulating, it is technically and cognitively challenging, and it includes an array of proven diagnostic and therapeutic options that gastroenterologists can use to care for their patients. This course will create great value for physicians and health care professionals who are already familiar with EUS as well as those who are just beginning to incorporate EUS into their practice, including low and high-volume centers – keeping in mind that EUS teams also generally include nurses, endoscopy technicians, anesthesia support staff, vendors and pathologists.

Designed for gastroenterologists, advanced endoscopy GI fellows and the aforementioned allied health care professionals, ASGE’s Masterclass EUS will provide participants with an excellent overview of the fundamentals and best practices in EUS. In addition, this course will feature world-renowned experts addressing the business and operational aspects of running a successful EUS practice – as well as the field’s emerging technologies, techniques and trends. If you want to be on the cutting edge of EUS, don’t miss this exceptional opportunity.

This course is supported, in part, by Boston Scientific Corporation, FujiFilm Healthcare Americas Corporation, Olympus Corporation of the Americas and PENTAX Medical. 
Learning Objectives
  • Identify the critical role and indications of EUS in clinical practice
  • Describe the best way to be trained in EUS and how to set up an EUS practice
  • Recognize the structure of the ideal EUS support team and its importance
  • Describe how EUS staging is used in GI neoplasia
  • Differentiate the types of solid and cystic pancreatic tumors and how to treat them with ablative therapies
  • Describe the EUS FNA technique and how to use core biopsy needles
  • Describe how EUS is used to evaluate bile duct stones, tumors and access
  • Define the most common EUS U.S. quality and reimbursement metrics for GI practices 
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