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Diagnóstico Óptico de Pólipos de Colon y Recto (OLV004S)
Released: May 2016
Viewing Time: 41 minutes

This activity consists of the ASGE video, Optical Diagnosis of Colorectal Polyps, followed by an evaluation.

The current pathologic diagnosis of colorectal polyps is at the tissue level. It is based on objective criteria, and is reproducible by various pathologists. The new concept of optical diagnosis is based on these same principles. It is an in-vivo endoscopic diagnosis of the colorectal polyp at the tissue level. The endoscopic image provides the information for the differentiation of colorectal polyp histology that is based on objective validated endoscopic criteria; and that meets society-defined standards of diagnostic performance. The following educational video is on the optical diagnosis of colorectal polyps. We will:

1. Provide the concepts of real-time optical diagnosis of colorectal polyps 
2. Highlight the aim and rationale of the strategy 
3. Dissect the pillars of the optical diagnosis strategy, including a validated classification, society guidelines, prospective clinical studies and infrastructure, such as data storage for photo documentation
4. Outline the steps necessary to practice the technique

Target Audience

Practicing gastrointestinal endoscopists, gastroenterologists, gastroenterology fellows and trainees, medical residents, physician assistants and nurses.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:

• Recognize the concepts of real time optical diagnosis during colonoscopy. 

• Discuss the current limitations of the real time optical diagnosis and future works.

• Outline the steps to practice optical diagnosis.

Video Release Date:    May 1, 2013
Online Release Date:  May 1, 2013

Expected Time of Activity Completion:  45 Minutes (NO CME Credit)

Hardware/Software Requirements

Windows Requirements: Operating system: Windows 7+
Browser: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 10+, Google Chrome 10+
Internet connection: DSL, cable modem, or other high-speed connection
Flash: Adobe® Flash® Player 12+

Macintosh Requirements:
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6.8+
Browser: Mozilla Firefox 10+, Safari 5+, Google Chrome 10+
Internet connection: DSL, cable modem, or other high-speed connection
Flash: Adobe® Flash® Player 12+


This activity consists of an ASGE video, followed by an evaluation.  All materials required to complete the activity, including the video, are contained within the activity.

To complete this activity, 
1. View the video.
2. Complete the Evaluation.

Contact Info

For technical difficulties, please contact ASGE between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm Central Time at 1-866-353-ASGE (2743). For questions related to content or CME credits, please email

Availability: Retired
Cost: Member: $19.00
Non-Member: $26.00
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