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Thursday Night Lights Webinar Series | 2020
Release Date: July 2020
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Beginning in July of 2020, ASGE will be hosting webinars on Thursday evenings at 7pm, CST. You can register to attend these live on the ASGE website. However, if you miss the live event, the recorded webinar will be posted here for your convenience. Topics range from breaking trends in clinical or other areas of endoscopic practice to managing independent practices given the challenges of our time.

To enroll in the 2021 Thursday Night Lights webinar series, click here.

Recent webinars include:
  • Endo Hangout for GI Fellows: Breaking the Glass Ceiling | February 2021
  • Scoping out Cyber Security | January 2021
  • Reimbursement for Complex Endoscopic Resection | January 2021 (sponsored by Lumendi)
  • Endo Hangouts for GI Fellows: Luminal EUS | January 2021 
  • The View is Nicer from the Top: How Can You Claim You Made It | December 2020
  • Endo Hangouts for GI Fellows: Management of Biliary Disease | December 2020
  • Nuts and Bolts to Rebuilding Your GI Practice Post COVID-19 | November 2020
  • Endo Hangouts for GI Fellows: Management of Barrett's Esophagus (part 2) | November 2020
  • The Clinical Efficacy of Current Biliary Stenting Options | October 2020
  • Endoluminal Approaches to Complex Colorectal Polypoid Lesions | October 2020
  • COVID-19: Testing, Immunity, Vaccine Development - An update from the Frontlines | October 2020
  • Endo Hangouts for GI Fellows: Video Editing & VideoGIE | October 2020
  • How to Navigate and Steer your carreer | September 2020
  • Policy and Reimbursement Update | September 2020
  • Leadership Issues in the Era of COVID-19 | September 2020
  • Endo Hangouts: Polypectomy Techniques: Part II | September 2020
  • Endo Hangouts: Management of Barrett's Esophagus | August 2020
  • Practice Operations Discussion Forum: 20/20 Vision Restored - GI Operations Designed Today for Tomorrow | August 2020
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