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GI Endoscopy Unit Leadership: Cultivating a Successful Team (On-Demand) | February 2018
GI Endoscopy Unit Leadership: Cultivating a Successful Team
An essential ingredient for cultivating a high-functioning team is strong leadership. If you’re a team leader for a GI unit or on track to become one, this course is for you! 

This course focuses on the leader's roles and responsibilities to align teamwork around clinical and operational issues. 

Content from the intensive one-day live course, which is now available on-demand, provides information and the tools necessary to gain the essentials needed to become an effective leader and to run an efficient, high-quality, and profitable GI unit. Units reapplying to the Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program (i.e., EURP renewing units only) may use this course to fulfill the Quality Course criterion. Contact for the EURP discount code.

Course Objectives:
  • Discuss establishing and maintaining a culture of quality 
  • Describe step-by-step strategic planning allowing the alignment of the unit to reach optimal operating efficiencies 
  • Define how each leadership role contributes and complements each other to create the success and vitality of the unit/organization 
  • Discuss how to ensure the unit is profitable and in compliance - meeting all credentialing and regulatory requirements while being prepared for audits 
  • Describe from a clinical perspective how to make the unit the best environment for patients and the procedures performed 
Availability: On-Demand
Available Feb 25, 2018 to Feb 25, 2021
Cost: Member: $695.00
Non-Member: $850.00
Credit Offered: 7 CME Credits
7 Participation Credits
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