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GI Endoscopy Unit Leadership: Breaking the Mold, Creating a High Reliability Practice (On-Demand) | March 2019
Geared toward emerging and established GI endoscopy unit leaders, this course will focus on leader's roles and responsibilities to align teamwork around clinical and operational issues. Gain the essentials needed to become effective leaders, and to run an efficient, high-quality, and profitable GI unit.

Course Overview
The program highlights practical approaches to the management and operations of an endoscopy unit and further takes a deeper dive into the core knowledge and competencies that leadership teams need to be effective managers, influencers, and advocates for their units.

Presented by seasoned strategic thinkers in the management of GI endoscopy units, course topics include the role of unit leadership, instilling a culture of quality and safety, strategic planning and business development, using quality data for performance improvement and in payer negotiations, and meeting regulatory expectations. These components are interconnected and come together to provide high-quality, comprehensive training and team-building opportunities.

Target Audience:
This course will draw emerging, current and future team leaders of GI endoscopy units in all settings. The course content will also attract those aspiring to become a leader in an endoscopy unit, giving the attendees the knowledge of what the expectations, challenges and rewards would involve. The course is designed for all sizes of GI units with a focus on ambulatory surgical centers and hospital GI units.
Topics covered
  • Discuss establishing and maintaining a culture of quality and safety
  • Define how each leadership role contributes and complements each other to create the success and vitality of the unit/organization
  • Discuss how to ensure the unit is safe, economically viable, and in compliance with all credentialing and regulatory requirements
  • Describe from a clinical perspective how to make the unit the best environment for patients and the procedures performed
  • Discuss the skills needed to effectively and comfortably address any topic and build productive relationships
Course Directors and Faculty
Course Directors
Brett B. Bernstein, MD, MBA, FASGE
Mount Sinai Health System
New York, NY

David H. Robbins, MD, MSc, FASGE
Medical Director
Manhattan Endoscopy
New York, NY

Teresa Chaisson, RN, BSN, CNOR
Physicians Endoscopy
New York, NY

David Hambrick, RN, MSN
Medivators, Inc.
Dallas, TX

Colleen M. Schmitt, MD, MHS, FASGE
Galen Medical Group
Chattanooga, TN

Thomas J. Stallings, JD
McGuireWoods LLP
Richmond, VA
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Contact Information
For technical difficulties or questions related to content or CME credits, please contact ASGE between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM (CST) at 1-866-353-2743 or email
Availability: On-Demand
Available Apr 08, 2019 to Apr 08, 2022
Cost: Member: $695.00
Non-Member: $850.00
Credit Offered: 7 CME Credits
7 Participation Credits
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